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As a high Vacationstepsister Sister And Brather Sleping Xsexx Com Sex priestess of The Order, Jane wields power over the hd sex bangla young teen virgins she prepares for the Seed Bearer. But she too is subject to his authority, and he’s about to show this gorgeous girl who’s really in charge, while making her husband a polygamy cuckold. Jane is a statuesque blonde and really enjoys her responsibilities as high priestess. She has been having quite a good time breaking in the sweet virgin Melody. Jane’s favorite part had been bending the innocent new convert across a table and fucking her with a massive black cock. Jane thrilled at the power she felt, watching Melody writhe and scream, doing her best to take the dildo in her tight pussy. But as much as she’d like to, Jane doesn’t have the same power over her husband. Obedience to the Seed Bearer is the first principle of polygamyism, and Jane is shocked when she discovers that her husband has failed to pay their tithing for over a month. Shocked, and furious. The Seed Bearer summons both Jane and her husband to the temple where Jane will be disciplined for her husband’s actions. Jane doesn’t think it’s fair that she should have to pay for her husband’s transgression, but part of her knows the Seed Bearer just wants to get his hands on her. And that knowledge makes her cunt slick with desire. Jane and her husband are brought into a dark room with the Priesthood Stretcher. Jane has watched girls suffer on this apparatus before, and she thinks she can go almost all the way down the board. But when she enters the room she sees that the Priesthood Stretcher has been modified — just for her? The cock-like pegs sticking up from the wooden bench are way thicker and longer than they were. One is even the size of a grown man’s fist. The Seed Bearer smiles as he tells Jane to begin. “You didn’t think I would make it easy on you, did you Jane?” She scowls as she straddles the first peg, but secretly she loves a challenge. She wants to show the Seed Bearer just how much her pussy can take. By the time Jane reaches the second cock, her pussy is already stretched to the limit. Nevertheless, the Seed Bearer tells her she must take the cock as far as she can. She breathes out and pushes down, feeling the flared shaft fill her completely. “I think she’s enjoying this,” The Seed Bearer smirks, at Jane’s humiliated husband, who glares at the ground in pained silence. As Jane struggles to take the last cock, which is nearly as thick as her leg, she’s shaking. She wants the Seed Bearer to know how good she is, how she’ll do anything he tells her to, but she just can’t get the bulbous peg inside her. It is then the Seed Bearer tells her to stop and turn around. His warm powerful hands hold her hips in place. When Jane hears the slow click of his belt, bolts of excitement shoot through her body. She feels the thick dripping head of The Seed Bearer’s cock teasing her pussy lips. As his throbbing member slides inside her, Jane looks at her husband. She can’t help but smile. Now he’ll know what it looks like for his wife to get fucked by a real man.

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